7. ifish12 said: Hi! I'm considering getting a DXRACER R-series computer chair. Considering you have one, would you consider it worth the $400? I'm not really short on money; I had a pretty good summer internship so I have more than enough money to buy it, but is it worth the investment? Currently I use a chair I got used 3 years ago. It was only like $70, it was pretty great, but now it's falling apart because I didn't take very good care of it. Should I invest in the DXRACER or pickup another used chair?

    Absolutely. I was in a battle with myself over “Which should I get? The F-series or the R-series?” The F is smaller but their most popular and the R is a little bigger and broader. They gave the measurements on the site of the chairs so I got my handy tape measure out and measured myself and the chairs to see which would fit me better. They both came pretty close so I decided to read reviews by users’ of both chairs. The only complaints came from the f-series being that, if you were too tall (6+ feet), your shoulders wouldn’t fit properly in the “wings” on the side of the chair. I’m 5’11”, so I was a bit worried. In the end I just said let’s go with the safe bet and get the bigger one. Best decision I’ve made. You’ve already decided on the R-series so I’m going to elaborate more on why it’s worth the $400:

    1. The stitching is pretty good. I’ve had it for about a month now and, besides having to shoo my cats away from using the back as a scratching post, it still looks like new. My point is the quality is great.

    2. I’ve been using a very cheap office chair that had no back support for 6 years and put throw pillows and sewed on a smaller pillow to create the support I needed. I sat it that chair just a minute ago and realized how much of an upgrade it was to the dxracer. The seat on my old chair felt like a brick.

    3. And lastly, In my recent post I talked about ergonomics. Which this chair compliments very well. You can adjust the angle of the backrest to a perfect 90 degrees (or even smaller) which is excellent for your back posture.

    But most importantly, you can enable batmobile-mode: